My strengths

I recently had the opportunity to take Gallup’s CliftonStrength assessment to better understand the characteristics that guide me at work and life more broadly—and while the characteristics feel familiar, I had never put a name to them. I found it incredibly insightful, especially in discovering them along side my product and design peers, and feel they’re an interesting glimpse into how I approach problems and some of the things I bring to any organization and team I work with.

TLDR: I’m an information sponge and I love to learn about new things and domains. I use this information to approach problems from unique angles, creating compelling visions that simplify the complex, formulating strategies grounded in analysis of evidence (qualitative and quantitative), building consensus through collaboration, and ideating on solutions that focus on simplicity, clarity, and reusability—ultimately delivering high impact outcomes.

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My process

A bit more detail coming soon...
Overall, the double diamond is a useful framework to articulate the anatomy of a project. I wish it were this simple in practice but nothing ever aligns perfectly with this process—the shape is never this symmetrical.

Stay tuned for my own nuanced version of things.

Another thing that guides my work is where a given project falls on the "know" and "do" spectrum. Designing for each often involves different heuristics—and I've never known a project to completely encapsulate them both. The know can be found externally and the do in-product—and vice versa, the product providing the know but a collection of external tools to provide the do. In each of these situations and the many in-between—it really is a spectrum—it's important to consider the overall journey, the jobs to be done, and where design can effectively intervene. It may sound intuitive but I've encountered platforms and products that suffer an identity crisis in their failure to understand their positioning.